Classic Challenge

Classic bikes and riders

Classic Challenge

The First Caminhos de Rosa Classic Bike Chalenge will happen on the 17th August 2019 at the small town of Morro da Garça-MG. the total length of the race is 160km (100 miles) with 5,000 cumulative gain and 2,440 positive gain.

For the event only a traditional Brazilian bike called Barra forte circular or Barra Forte bile model are alowed to be used.

There is a prize of R$1.000,00 (a thousand brazilian reais) for the most authentic rider outfit.

Cover yourself in nostalgia and good luck!!



Registration options

Classic Solo

The chalenge here personal. Each athlete have to ride every single mile.

Time Tables

Check the times and cuts for each category

• 100 Miles

17th August – Saturday

Morro da Garça – MG 

9am – Kit pick up

12pm – Briefing

1pm – Start


18th August – Sunday

12pm – Deadline to finish

12.30pm– Awards

Finish Line – Guimarães Rosa Museum
(click to see the map)
Av. Padre João, 443 | Cordisburgo – MG


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You can also donwload a PDF of the course.

Registered Athletes / 2019

Get to khow the ones that have already chosem to face the Minas Gerais Backlands.


100 miles/Classic


Many details are necessary to explain the magnitude of this challenge. I only want to congratulate the organizers and hope that next year will be better than this year, but never let this beginning essence get lost. All the best and success for you.


It is more a symbolic desert than a real one, because be or not to be transposable does not depends on geografic reality, but also your strong psicology.


“I believe you have one of the Best routes I have ever been around the world… and I only run half of it!



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