A route from the literary world that came to life.
A unique route to travel.

This is the only route with real proof that Guimarães has been there. His life and books got notorious admiration and, thus, all around “sertão” have something exceptional to tell about his visit in the most diverse places in Minas Geraissertão”.

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About the places – Maps

There are three main places: Três Marias, Morro da Garça and Codisburgo. Access by car using BR040 and BR135 roads.

About the Author

Confunde-se várias vezes quem é Guimarães Rosa, e sua obra, por várias vezes eles se misturam, se perdem (…)


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Ultra Marathon

The Ultra marathon is happening between 3th to 5th of September 2020.

The distances are 13, 21, 42, 80,160 and 250 km.

Choose your challenge and good luck!

Mountain Bike

The Mountain Bike challenge will be held on the 15th of august of 2019. It is comprised of 2 distances 160km (100 miles) e 300km (186 miles) .

Choose your Challenge and good luck!

Classic Cyclist

The Classic Cyclist Championship will happen on the 15th August 2020 in Morro da Garça. With a travel Distance of 160km (100 miles) and 5,000 meters cumulative gain and 2,440 positive gain.

In this Championship only be allowed the “Barra circular” or “Barra Forte” bike models.

Cover yourself in nostalgia and good luck!


A peaceful walk with some reflective days. An opportunity to get to know a little about Guimarães Rosa inspiration’s to write his books. The group has people from all ages and you can choose between 6 or 10 days walks. The next pilgrimage will happen next May.

Brazilian Folklore is rich in strong characters, and I am one of them! During the challenges, I preserve athletes physical integrity and try to help them not to get lost...

I’ve heard you are all nice people, and that is great. We need people like you in the “sertão”.

Nice to meet you, I’m Curupira!


Many details are necessary to explain the magnitude of this challenge. I only want to congratulate the organizers and hope that next year will be better than this year, but never let this beginning essence get lost. All the best and success for you.


It is more a symbolic desert than a real one, because be or not to be transposable does not depends on geografic reality, but also your strong psicology.


“I believe you have one of the Best routes I have ever been around the world… and I only run half of it!



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