Logistic’s BAG

Logistic’s BAG

Caminhos de Rosa Challenge has a standard pack for athletes to place a few necessary items in order to help them complete the route. The athlete’s bag will stay with organizers and we be available at specific aid stations, during the full course of the challenge. After the athletes use, the bag will be taken to the finish line at 9pm arriving in Cordisburgo at 10.30pm.

In the bag, the athlete can put towel, socks, food supplements, night equipment, clean clothes, or any other thing you find necessary. I’s size limit is 10L and it will be distributed with the kit and should be back with the organizers BEFORE the starting time.

If the athlete decides to not prepare a bag, organizers remind that your luggage can NOT be use as it. Please check with organizers in case of questions. YOU MUST IDENTIFY YOUR BAG. Bags without id will not be accepted. You will be provided with lockers and tags.

What if you decide to give up?

The athlete will be driven to the finish line to eat and rest, asap.

At the start day of your challenge you MUST arrive 30 min before to prepare luggage and bags. Late arrivals will be not accepted.


It is FORBIDDEN private support during the challenge. If this happens the athlete will not be allowed to finish.


Aid Station

Location of the aid Stations

Aid Stations

Distance traveled 

1º AS – Sirga 42,5 km 
2º AS- Andrequicé    88,8 km 
3º AS – Buritizinho 120 km  Pasta
4º AS – Morro da Garça 153,3 km  *Bag
5º AS – MG 259 198,5 km
6º AS – Núcleo 216,3 km  only water  
7º AS – Fazenda Paulista 262,9 km 


All the aid stations will be suplied with enough food, drinks and water for all athletes. There will always be a choice of sweets and souwer opitons to suply the needs of the athletes. The menu will be informed at breiefing.

*** The AS 4 and 6, Morro da Garça and Fazenda Paulista, will have showers and resting places.

* The Logistic BAGs are exclusive to the Mountain Bike Challenge 250km.


Many details are necessary to explain the magnitude of this challenge. I only want to congratulate the organizers and hope that next year will be better than this year, but never let this beginning essence get lost. All the best and success for you.


It is more a symbolic desert than a real one, because be or not to be transposable does not depends on geografic reality, but also your strong psicology.


“I believe you have one of the Best routes I have ever been around the world… and I only run half of it!



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