Project  Hospedarias – local Guest Houses

The Project

Inspired by the europeans Guest Houses or the famous B&Bs, this project aim is to deepen the Athletes experience with the culture proving high quality accomodation at the same time promote the local economy giving back to the local families of the community.

The tourist/Athlete “Roseano” seeks experience , they want to feel and see things the same way the locals do. That was not always possible.

Now with this project and with the help from the local authorities, we are going to promote a change in the local tourism structure.

Before the tourism was based on quick visits, now they have high quality accomodation that provides the true experience. They will be able to be part of the culture, taste the culinary, visit the maim point and participate of the local celebrations.  



We are very proud to be part of this project and will word hard to make it a sucess. This will only a small contribution to the peoplo that always hosted and helped us. Besides, this will give to our athletes the experience they always wanted.

The project is compraised of two stages. The first is the training of the locals to became  hosts. After, there will be a selection of the houses and a marketing iniciative aiming spread the knowledge about all the traditional and cultural events of the region. This way we believe that the Guest Houses will be used even after the race.

The hospedarias will offer a personalized and unique experience. Our objective is to make the athletes feel at home and confortable. Sharing the table, the knowledge and the tradicional “mineiro’s” prose.

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